Uniform to Sell?

Selling your kit?

Looking for someone to buy your old uniforms?

Yes, we are a surplus kit buyer. We buy used military uniforms. Especially looking for RAF and RN officers' No1/mess uniforms in larger sizes.

We are always looking to purchase British uniforms and associated military items. From full uniforms to individual jackets, trousers, belts, caps - almost anything.

If you have items to sell that you think we may be interested in, please contact us and we will get in touch.

If you could provide details of the items (type, rank, badges/ribbons/wings etc), chest/waist sizes, general condition (any damage or stains etc?), a photo or two and an idea of the price you are looking for that would be a great help. 

2024 UPDATE - Presumably as a result of the ongoing cost-of-living crisis we are getting an unprecedented number of requests to buy kit (upto 20 a day). We are having to be very selective in what we buy - we really are looking for parade uniforms in larger sizes or large "job-lots" of clothing. For hopefully obvious reasons, your price expectations should really be set at a considerably lower price than our typical sales prices please.


Jamie Wilkinson

[email protected]