Ceto Militaria

Ceto Militaria is an online store specialising in the sale of surplus British post-war military uniforms - Army, RAF and Royal Navy.

New Stock Oct 2019:  RAOC Sgt Mess (44/45"), Major General No4 (40/41"). RM 2Lt Lovats (40/41"), RM 2Lt No1 (38/40")Royal Marine Officer Mess (38/40")Royal Hampshire Officer Mess (37/39")RAMC Sgt FAD (40/41"), RLC Cpl FAD (45/47")RLC Cpl No2 (40/41"), RM L/Cpl Lovats (41/42"), W.German Polizei (44.45"), USAF Aircrew Coverall AEW&C,  RAF FltLt Mess (36/37")RN Lt Mess (36/37")RAF ColdWeather Mk3 Jkt (40/43"), RN Lt No1 (37/39"), RAF Mk17B 41Sqn FJW-OEU CoverallColdstream Sgt FAD (37/39"), RSigs Cpl Marksman FAD (39/40")AAC Cpl FAD (38/39"), RLC S/Sgt FAD (39/40")RSigs Cpl FAD (40/41")RLC L/Cpl FAD (40/41")

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We have a regularly changing stock of Army, Royal Navy and RAF military uniforms fro sale - mess, No1's, No2's, Service Dress, Ceremonial, battledress, combat, headwear etc. Female uniforms including vintage hosiery. Ideal for collectors and re-enactors, living history, steampunk clothing, serving personnel, or simply as a gift. Order now for Goodwood Revival, Twinwood, Woodhall Spa 1940's Festival, Channel Islands Liberation day, 1940s events etc.

New Stock Sep 2019:  Int Corps WO2 FAD (41/42")Int Corps L/Cpl FAD (44/45"), REME Cfn FAD (41/42")RSigs WO2/RQMS FAD (40/41")RSigs L/Cpl FAD (43/44")Female RAF FltLt Mess (14/16), Staff Colonel SD (44/45")RSignals Lt Col Mess (38/39")RCT S/Sgt Mess (43/44")Yeomanry Sgt Mess (36/37"), RN Cdr Mess (39/40")Female RSigs Capt Mess (10),  US "Ike" Jacket (40R)RADC Capt BD Blouse (37/38"), RAMC 2Lt BD (38/39")RN Lt No1 (36/37")Firefighters Jacket/Trousers, RN Coldweather NorgiesRAF SqLdr Nav No1 (41/42")RSignals S/Sgt Mess (37/48")RRF Major SD SAS (37/39")RSigs LtCol SD (38/39"), 13/18 RH(QMO) Major SD Jkt (36/38"), DevDorsets Major SD (36/37")RN 1940s Duffel Coats (40/44")RN Cdr Greatcoat 1951 (38/40"), US Trenchcoat 1953 (41/42")RN Lt Mess (37/38"), RN Captain Mess (38/39"),  RRF Major Mess (43/44"), 13/18 Hussars Capt Mess (36/37"),  RAF FltLt Nav No1 (36/37"), REME WO1 Artificer FAD No2 (44/45"), AGC WO1/RSM FAD  No2 (47/49"), RLC Cpl No2 FAD (45/47")RLC Sgt FAD No2 (43/44")RSigs Sgt FAD No2 (45/47"), RLC WO1/RSM FAD No2 (40/41")RN Lt No1 (36/37"), RN Lt Mess (37/38"), RN LtCdr Mess (37/39"), Welsh Guards WO2/RQMS Mess (37/39")RAF WgCdr Mess (36/37")WFR Capt No1 (36/37").Tropical Mess Jkt (44/45")RoyalWelsh Cpl No2 (44/45")RAF WgCdr Pilot No1 (36/37"), RN Officer Crombie/GCoat (36/38")RN Cdr No1 (39/40"), RM WO2/RQMS No1 (44/45")RM WO2/RQMS Lovats (46/47")RAF FltLt No1 (36/37")Female RAF FSgt Mess (12/14)

Our range includes: British Army & Royal Marines ceremonial uniforms, number 1 blues/patrol uniforms, number 2 uniform, 49 pattern battle dress, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy uniforms, mess undress, No1 / forage caps, working dress & barrack uniforms, helmets, berets, webbing, inert ordnance, combat dress, boots, bearskins, flying kit, service dress, body armour, gloves, manuals, booklets, pamphlets, programmes, maps - in fact anything that interests us! Ideal for Goodwood, Twinwood, Woodhall Spa, 1940s Events and Festivals, theatre, film theatre and drama productions, re-enactors, living history, steampunk clothing, military uniform fancy dress, military vehicle displays, murder mysteries etc...